Rent the nation

Are you disputating? Having an exam party or anything else that requires a place to be?

På At Uplands nation we have several rooms that we rent out to different types of activities. The only requirement is that the group or person renting is connected to the academical sphere or that at least 75% or the guests have a nation card(this only applies when there is alcohol involved, otherwise everyone is welcome).

 At the nation there is a grand hall that can take up to 120 guests and three smaller rooms that can be used as social rooms or be booked by smaller groups for a dinner, meeting or conference. There is also one room on the entrance level that can take up to 40 guests.

We set the tables with linen cloths, napkins, the tables we can decorate with beatiful flowers and candles.

To get in touch with our rental manager, send an email to

Uplands nation

S:t Larsgatan 11, 753 11 Uppsala – Visit us on Facebook