Are you looking for somewhere to live during your time of study?
Uplands Nation has 55 rooms for rent. 20 of these are situated in the wing of the nation building itself. The remaining rooms are a block away at Rundelsgränd 6A och 6B, where the Uplands and Kalmar Nation both have rooms through the student housing foundation “Bortom Bullret”.


In the wing there are two upper floors with corridors and shared kitchens. All rooms have a private bathroom. At ground level there are three apartments shared by two people respectively. At Rundelsgränd 6A there are 8 apartments shared by two people respectively and at 6B the remaining rooms are distributed in corridors on two different floors.


Housing queue
You apply for housing through where detailed information about application proceedings is available.


In order to qualify for housing in Uplands nation, you need to be a paying member of the nation.
If you have any questions that have not been answered by this document or, feel free to contact our housing representative at



Uplands Nation library is situated in two rooms on the first floor in the Nation’s building: Holmgrenska room and Roslagska room.


The books in Roslagska are updated regularly and here we have all our literature, both fiction and textbooks, and these are all available to either borrow home or as reference to schoolwork.


Holmgrenska is the bigger room and it’s here we keep our collection of old books which are all up for showing and can be used as reference as well. Here you can also find some other old relics that the Nation owns. Holmgrenska is also used as a quiet study area while the Fika downstairs is opened.


If you are enrolled at a nation you are welcome to borrow books in our library. We are providing textbooks for courses on A and B – level in the following subjects: Archaeology and Ancient History, Cultural Anthropology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. This literature is updated according to current syllabus and reading lists. We also have some fiction, mostly in the Fantasy genre, and a large number of western civilisation’s classics.

The past year we have also bought in some literature of Nobel Prize winners.

Uplands library is also in charge of a Book Circle with regular meetings. Anyone is welcome and the easiest way of keeping updated with these meetings is through the Book Circle’s Facebookgroup found in the link below.

Opening hours: 15.00-17.00 Monday to Thursday.
We encourage students to be involved in the library operation and the easiest way of doing this is to contact the librarian via email:


Uplands nation

S:t Larsgatan 11, 753 11 Uppsala – Visit us on Facebook