Eat and drink at Uplands!

Pub in the basement and the garden. Study fika, livejazz and tapas. Peas on Thursdays and Mojitos every Saturday the whole summer. At Uplands there is something to eat and drink for everyone!

Welcome to Uplands nations pub. Svantes källare(Svantes Cellar) is one of Uppsalas most popular student pubs, especially in the summer when we change name to Svantes Trädgård(Svantes Garden) and open up the garden. With lots of seating you rarely need to fear being left without a place to sit and with the massive selection of food, beer, wine, cider and liquor we always have something that suits you.

We work around the clock to bring you the best possible selection of food and drink, where the drinks come from one of our many taps or fridges and the food straight from the kitchen. 

If you want to make a table reservation or notify us about an pub crawl, please contact the pubmaster on

By the way, of course we have a selection of gluten- and lactose free alternatives, also vegan and vegetarian.

Opening hours Svantes källare

Måndag–lördag 18.00–01.00

Uplands nations own house band Trio Up! is always a success, follow the Livejazzbar on Facebook for more information about the next event.

To every livejazzbar we offer tapas from our own kitchen, Restaurant Riksäpplet, where you buy delicious and affordable tapas and our skilled bartenders serve drinks inspired by the jazzy environment.

​​The pea soup is unfortunately not open this semester. See you again in the fall!


Every Thursday is time for pea soup! 

Pea soup is a dish traditionally served in Sweden on Thursdays, and on Uplands we want to honor that heritage by every Thursday making sure that we serve kick-ass pea soup, waffles and the traditional Swedish liquor punsch.

We serve pea soup containing pork, as is tradition, but of course we also make an vegetarian option aswell.

This activity is open for everyone, but if you intend to buy punsch you must be able to show your nation card.


Opening hours for the pea soup

Thursdays 17.00-19.00.

Svantes Trädgård is our lovely summer pub that every summer fills up with the students that chose to remain in Uppsala. What could be lovelier than sitting under the trees and enjoying a cold beverage? We always have a proper food menu for the hungry and a vide variety of drinks. The outside stage is often used for different types of live music.

Opening hours Svantes trädgård

Monday-Saturday 18.00–02.00, the whole summer.

Every Saturday hthe whole summer we serve wonderful Mojitos in the garden from 18.00. We can make them with or without alcohol, so everyone is welcome!

Opening hours Mojito Saturday

Saturdays 18.00–02.00, the whole summer.

The Study Fika brings a wide array of food, cakes and drinks. Everything you need for a classic Swedish Fika. We have two rooms dedicated to making your fika possible, one where you can sit and talk with your friends, or make new friends. The other one is a quiet room for intense studies. 

Opening hours for the Study Fika

Mondays 13.00–18.00

Continuing the celebrations for our 375-year Jubilee, we created something special: our very own beer named “Uplands Nation”. The idea was simple, as we wanted a beer that represents the spirit of Uplands: a good beer that everyone could enjoy.

This took place in collaboration with Tempel Brygghus. The two experienced brewers, Arvid Landgren and Johan Holmdahl created an exceptional Pale Ale, that, in Arvid’s words, can be described as “[…] a soft, medium hopped pale ale, medium golden with white head. Notable aromas are citrus, grass, pine and tropical fruits with a bready light malt base”.

Naming the beer was a bit challenging, as we had many options, each one connected with Uplands in a different way. Eventually though we decided to use our Nation’s name, “Uplands Nation”: simple, powerful, unique.

As we always try to ascend to higher standards, we are trying to keep our house –or, as many of us feel, our home– majestic, as it stands since 1809. We contribute to this cause by spending part of the profits to the renovation our house. And with every beer you buy, you become a part of it.

Uplands nation

S:t Larsgatan 11, 753 11 Uppsala – Visit us on Facebook