Information about opening hours: 

Due to the corona virus we have decided to close down our activities for 

some time. We will let you know when we open again. 

In the meantime, take care and wash your hands. 

The office is still open as usual: 

Tuesday to Thursday 15-17

Friday 13-15

The office will be closed over Easter (week 15). 

Info about student card:

Right now we recommend everyone to download the app for studentkortet (STUK) 

and there log in to get your digital card and student discount. 

If you have any problems regarding this contact 

If your psychical card has not come home to you, it no longer comes to the nation like it

has in the past years, but will be resent to your address we have in the system. 

With questions about the psychical card contact 




Join the nation

To join Uplands Nation you need to be admitted to study at Uppsala University or another of Uppsala’s universities. 

Want to join? 

You can do that by coming to the office and talk to our First Qurator

or do it online! 


Uplands Nation has 55 rooms for rent. 20 of these are situated in the wing of the nation building itself. The remaining corridor rooms are a block away at Rundelsgränd 6A och 6B, where Uplands share the building with Kalmar nation. Rundelsgränd is run by “Bortom Bullret”. 


Every semester Uplands Nation announces scholarships that as as member you can apply for. 

The link below will take you to the available scholarships!

If you have questions, please contact the Scholarship Secretary,

Write legibly, and good luck! 


Uplands Nation library is situated in three beautiful rooms on the first floor inside the nation’s house. Here you can find quiet study areas, borrow books and use our meeting space for talks and discussions. 


Being a member of Uplands Nation has a number of benefits. These include discounts when visiting our clubs, purchasing food in our pub, our study fika and during pea soup and waffles. 

Contact information

First Curator

Madelene Eriksson

First Curator administrates membership, sign-up for gasks and is the general contact person for the nation.


Phone: 018 15 21 51

Third Curator

Eleni Bouloukosta

Third Curator handles the alcohol serving permit and is in charge of activities.


Phone: 018 15 21 53

Second Curator

Simon Suvinen

Second Curator handles the nation economy, the nation house and our member accommodations.


Phone: 018 15 21 52


David Costa

The kitchenmaster is in charge of everything related to food and hygiene at the nation.

Phone: 018 15 21 54


Konstantinos Dimitrakopoulos

The pubmaster is in charge of our pub activities, if you want to book a table in Svantes or notify us that you are having a pub crawl, contact the pubmaster.


Phone: 018 15 21 55

Uplands nation

S:t Larsgatan 11, 753 11 Uppsala – Visit us on Facebook